Cartoon of the Month – June


In an attempt to make up for decreasing reimbursements, physicians are starting to branch out into areas outside their specialties

Can Your Paperless Office Go Cordless?


A physician colleague wanted to operate a completely paperless and cordless practice. …

Backup Data Tip Sheet

Frank Polack of Eviton LLC, a project management firm, created this handy one-sheet for us with the basics of data backup.…

EMR Software Comparison Checklist


Are you shopping for an EMR system? Before you open your checkbook, be sure to use this detailed checklist of important features your future software platform should have, thanks to the folks of Software Advice, Inc.…

How to Keep Your EMR Project Nimble


How long do you think it would take you to implement an EMR system in your practice?…

Going Paperless


So, you’re thinking about getting rid of paper charts and switching to an EMR system.…

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

Every day, businesses lose valuable data due to everything from a broken water main to a natural disaster. Most of the time, there was no process in place to recover that data. Frank Polack of Eviton LLC discusses what businesses in other industries already know about disaster recovery and business continuity and how your practice can quickly get back up and running after an unexpected event.

EMR Goes Mobile


I recently switched from a Windows Mobile Phone to an iPhone because I like gadgets doc-with-pdaand I also like slick marketing.…