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Current Trends in EMR

Guest Post: Emily Matthews

Electronic medical records (EMRs) in the medical office setting are growing at a faster pace than ever before.…

Blame-free System Increases Medical Error Reports

According to an article on Reuters Health, “Flagging medical errors through a system that emphasizes a lack of punishment and maintains anonymity yields more reports than a traditional method of reporting errors, a team of doctors has found.”

After introducing the new system at a pediatric clinic in North Carolina, the number of reported mistakes jumped from five to 86 per year on average.…

10 Things You Hate About EMR

From the HealthcareIT News blog comes an article on the top 10 things that readers hate about electronic medical records via a Twitter thread:

  1. It doesn’t measure up to paper
  2. It’s hard to use
  3. It doesn’t provide the basics
  4. It’s cumbersome
  5. It’s ineffective
  6. It doesn’t allow for patient interaction
  7. It doesn’t protect patient privacy
  8. It doesn’t have a viable, rapid feedback loop
  9. It’s not patient-friendly
  10. It’s outdated

And then came responses from other readers who had these six reactions to those complaints:

  1. Re: It’s outdated.

The Ten Commandments of Successful EMR Implementation

ten commandments of emr implementationMost practices breathe a sigh of relief after their new EMR software is installed and running.…

HITECH Act and Medicare Incentives



From the Fox Group, a point by point overview for physician practices regarding the incentives, eligibility rules, and deadlines in the HITECH Act.…

Beware the RACs

Below is an actual letter received – and almost thrown away – by an employee of a medical practice.…

EMR News Roundup 11/15

Is Your Practice Ready To Go Paperless?

There’s no doubt that the meaningful use incentive money, made available by the ARRA HITECH Act (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act) is drawing a boatload of attention.…

Improving Practice Efficiency With Convenience Applications

Computerized practice management systems appeared about thirty years ago. Their major selling point?…

EMR By The Numbers – A Video Infographic


Yes, it is a commercial for GE Healthcare, but it is still cool to watch.…