TELUS Health Announces Acquisition of Canada’s Largest Electronic Medical Record Provider, PS SUITE EMR


What: TELUS Health, a major provider of electronic medical and health records, telehomecare, consumer health, pharmacy management, and benefits management services, recently announced its acquisition of PS SUITE EMR, Canada’s largest electronic medical record business operated by MD Practice Software LP – a member of the MD Physician Services Group and a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association.By acquiring PS SUITE EMR, the largest electronic medical records provider in Canada, TELUS Health has further positioned itself to expand its reach among the first lines of care, delivering comprehensive EMR solutions to 9000 Canadian physicians across the country. It is expected that such a significant step will affect about 25 million patient interactions every year.

Why: Of note, adoption of EMR in Canada is only 56%, compared to almost 90% in the UK and Australia. It is difficult to ascertain what effect this consolidation will have on that figure.



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