Is your facility prepared for EHR adoption?


What:  Research suggests that few adopters understand what EHR/EMR implementation actually involves. In its latest study, CompTIA, a trade association representing the IT industry, found that 56 percent of health care providers, consisting mostly of medical practices with two to nine doctors and hospitals/health centers, felt unprepared for the transition from paper records to EHRs. Additionally, four in ten indicated that EHR implementation was more difficult than anticipated. The lesson? Facilities should have an evaluation process on hand.

Why: Practices considering EHR/EMR implementation are doing more homework than they did in the past, perhaps as a result of the experiences that their peers have had. While the research indicated that adopters are having difficulty implementing an EHR, it did point to a more positive attitude toward EHR/EMR compared with last year’s CompTIA study.


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Peter J Polack is founder of Emedikon, a consulting firm specializing in medical practice marketing systems and president of Protodrone, a software development company specializing in medical practice applications. A technology columnist for Ophthalmology Management Magazine, he is also a managing partner for a large multi-specialty ophthalmology practice in Florida.

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