Medical Practice Trends Podcast 47: HIPAA Security Rule and the Impact of the Final Rule

MPT Podcast 47 –¬†HIPAA Security Rule and the Impact of the Final Rule, with guest Mike Meikle of Hawkthorne Consulting Group. Mr. Meikle discusses the HIPAA Omnibus Rule and its effect on the Security Rule, and what it means for medical practices.

This Issue (5:25):

  • What is the HIPAA Security Rule?
  • How has the HIPAA Final Rule changed the Security Rule?
  • What is the best way to avoid non-compliance issues with the Security Rule?

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About Peter Polack

Peter J Polack is founder of Emedikon, a consulting firm specializing in medical practice marketing systems and president of Protodrone, a software development company specializing in medical practice applications. A technology columnist for Ophthalmology Management Magazine, he is also a managing partner for a large multi-specialty ophthalmology practice in Florida.

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