The Obamacare Myth for Small Businesses


What: As polarizing as the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) is, it is difficult to separate the wheat (facts) from the chaff (scare tactics). Politicians are telling their constituents that the legislation will put an undue burden on small business that will ‘kill’ jobs. But what is the reality? Only those businesses with over 50 employees who are not already offering health insurance will be affected, and the overwhelming majority of these already cover their employees.

Why: The fact is that only 1% of small businesses will be affected by Obamacare. They will either need to start offering health insurance to their employees by next year (2014) or have to pay penalties. Unfair, they may say. But the reality is their employees already get healthcare subsidized by taxpayers via our emergency medicine departments.



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Peter J Polack is founder of Emedikon, a consulting firm specializing in medical practice marketing systems and president of Protodrone, a software development company specializing in medical practice applications. A technology columnist for Ophthalmology Management Magazine, he is also a managing partner for a large multi-specialty ophthalmology practice in Florida.

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