Medical Practice Trends Podcast 31: Why Everyone in Your Practice Needs to Know Coding

MPT Podcast 31 Why Everyone in Your Practice Needs to Know Coding, with guest Mary Pat Whaley of

EMR News 10/17/2011

The Latest EMR and Meaningful News from Blogs and Social Media 10/17/2011

From Jim Tate, Meaningful Use Expert:

Do Specialists have to meet all meaningful use objectives

There are two questions from Eligible Professional specialists about the CMS EHR Incentives that I’m asked over and over again.…

Advice From Early EHR Adopters



Our practice went live with our own EMR system in late 2008.…

How a Solo Physician Aced Meaningful Use

Many physicians are anxious about taking the plunge into electronic medical records.…

Medical Practice Trends Podcast 29: EHR Update 1


MPT Podcast 29 EHR Update 1, with guest Mary Pat Whaley of

Meaningful Use Steps and the EHR Incentive Timeline

Learn what your medical practice needs to do to demonstrate ”Meaningful Use” and receive $44000+ in HITECH stimulus incentives.…

9 Ways to Lose Your Wallet on EMR

From WebPT, a maker of EMR for physical therapists, there is a nice list of 9 Ways to Lose Your Wallet on an EMR:

  1. Software Licenses
  2. Database License and Management
  3.  Windows Server Software
  4. Virus Protection and Backup
  5. Disaster Recovery
  6. Hardware and Infrastructure
  7. Audits
  8. Long-term contracts
  9. Data Storage


Meaningful Use Resource Website

What is Meaningful Use?

Here is a video from a cool EMR/Meaningful Use Website,…

EHRs are Easy Prey, But All is Not Lost

According to an article on, the EMR/EHR market in the US will reach $6 billion by 2015.…

Medical Practice Trends Podcast 25: HIPAA 5010 and ICD10 – What You Need to Know

MPT Podcast 25HIPAA 5010 Compliance and ICD10 Changes: What You Need to Know, with guest Mike Meikle of Hawkthorne Group Consulting.