Going from Paper to Paperless – Part 2: Scanning Solutions for Larger Practices

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When it comes to scanning solutions for larger medical practices, consumer level scanners probably won’t have the speed or the durability to handle the daily grind necessary to scan the expected higher volume of paperwork – especially one converting all of its paper charts into digital ones.…

MPT Vodcast 11: Best Practices for EHR Implementation


In this Medical Practice Trends video podcast, Chris Mertens, VP of Personal Systems Group for Hewlett-Packard, discusses the five best practices for EHR implementation.…

Do You Have an EMR Contingency Plan?

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EMR failure Many of us are dependent on several types of technology, from cell phones to the internet.…

MPT Vodcast 10: EMR and the Marketability of Your Practice


In this Medical Practice Trends video podcast, Mike Meikle of Hawkthorne Group Consulting explains how many aspects of having an EMR System can actually contribute to the marketability of your medical practice.…

What To Do When Your EMR Stinks

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emr stinksA group of doctors who are suing their EMR vendor for selling them a “buggy” product and then discontinuing it recently learned that a judge is allowing them to bypass arbitration and proceed with their case in court.…

Where EMR Systems Fail


iStock_000027142291SmallEveryone who knows me or who has been following this blog knows that I am a strong advocate of electronic medical records (EMR) systems.…

Nova Scotia’s Handling Of EMR Leaves Competitors Feeling Ill


Who: Halifax.MediaCoop.ca

What: In Nova Scotia, the Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) has decided to award a contract for its preferred EMR system  to Ontario-based Nightingale Informatix Corporation, much to the dismay of software vendors in the local region.…

Clinical Decision Support Can Make Best-Practices Guidelines More Accessible


Who: FierceEMR.com

What: Electronic health records offer the opportunity to better integrate clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) at the point of care, but the technology and physician practice must evolve, according to a paper published at BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.…

Health Faces Up To EMR Challenge


Who:  IDM.Net.au

What:  The role of the Health Information Manager is no easy task.  …

Let My Data Go!


Who:  MedCityNews.com

What: Providers are now having trouble with interoperability and conversions of data.The majority of physician offices have implemented EHRs, but they must now communicate with other entities such as HIEs and ACOs.…