Medical Practice Trends Podcast 20: Medical Device Regulations and EMR


MPT Podcast 20Medical Device Regulations and EMR, with guest Mike Meikle, Hawkthorne Group. 

Medical Practice Trends Podcast 18: Meaningful Use Update 1


MPT Podcast 18Meaningful Use Update 1

This Issue (3:37):

  • What’s the latest on the Meaningful Use incentives?

How to Qualify for Meaningful Use Incentives – Part 2

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In part 1, we discussed some of the nuances of registering for Meaningful Use (MU) reporting and why most practices would be better off waiting until 2012 – such as still being able to qualify for E-Prescribing incentives.…

How to Qualify for Meaningful Use Incentives – Part 1

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Like many things in life, you can either choose to do something or wait until something happens to you.…

Medical Practice Trends Podcast 8: Recent Changes in the Enforcement of the HITECH Act


MPT Podcast 8Recent Changes in the Enforcement of the HITECH Act and the Impact on Your Practice, With Guest Mike Meikle, Hawkthorne Group.

Playing Games with ONC Certification


“Certified” is the $44,000 buzzword prefixing electronic health records (EHR) software.…

Are Your Papers in Order?


That feels like it should be said with a German accent.…

Few Medical Devices Connect with EMR Systems


According to a white paper from HIMSS Analytics, fewer than a third of US hospitals report having active interfaces between medical devices and their EMR systems, according to FierceEMR blog.…

Webinar: Federal EHR Incentives and the HITECH Act – Part 2

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In this two-part webinar video, Jeff Grant, President of HCMA Inc., discusses the details of the Federal Electronic Health Records incentives as described the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act.…

Check Out Our Webinar on Federal EHR Incentives


In our videos section we have a webinar full of great information on the HITECH Act Federal Electronic Health Records incentives.…