Opportunity Cost of EMRs


Who: MedCityNews.com

What: Different studies have shown the use of EMR systems to have been extremely beneficial to providers and patients while others have shown the use of EMRs to increase the incurred costs drastically.…

Trends In EHR Vendor Strength


Who: GovHealthIT.com

What: On April 2, 2013, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) made available their updated data table for EHR Incentive Program (Meaningful Use) attestations, with specification as to which EHR products were used.…

Infographic – Meaningful Use Overview


Here is an infographic demonstrating the distribution of Meaningful Use adoption among various criteria such as specialties and geographic regions.…

Meaningful Use EHR Breakout by Percentage


An article on EMR & HIPAA reports the top EHR vendors based on the percentage of Meaningful Use attestations by physicians.…

6 Best Practices for Implementing EMR for Meaningful Use


An article on Becker’s Hospital Review discussed how Montefiore Medical Center was able to achieve 100% implementation of EMR and computerized physician order entry (CPOE).…

Medical Practice Trends Podcast 35: 101 Ideas to Increase Revenue & Decrease Costs Part 2


MPT Podcast 35 - 101 Ideas to Increase Revenue & Decrease Costs Part 2, with guest Mary Pat Whaley of ManageMyPractice.com. 

The Ten Commandments of Successful EMR Implementation

ten commandments of emr implementation

ten commandments of emr implementationMost practices breathe a sigh of relief after their new EMR software is installed and running.…

HITECH Act and Medicare Incentives




From the Fox Group, a point by point overview for physician practices regarding the incentives, eligibility rules, and deadlines in the HITECH Act.…

EMR By The Numbers – A Video Infographic



Yes, it is a commercial for GE Healthcare, but it is still cool to watch.…

How to Attest for Meaningful Use: 3 Tips from a Meaningful User

meaningful use

Guest Post: Houston Neal
meaningful use


According to an August 3 report, 2,246 eligible providers and 100 hospitals have successfully attested to meeting Meaningful Use (MU) criteria.…