IT Services for Your Practice – In-House or Outsource?

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Previously I wrote about outsourcing your IT services support as well as how to hire an IT director.…

Medical Practice Trends Podcast 35: 101 Ideas to Increase Revenue & Decrease Costs Part 2


MPT Podcast 35 101 Ideas to Increase Revenue & Decrease Costs Part 2, with guest Mary Pat Whaley of 

Take Our Survey: Are You Using EMR?

EMR Implementation – How do you stack up against your colleagues?…

Computer Network Benefits, Part 2

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Previously, I described some of the benefits gained from having an office computer network, even if you haven’t yet implemented an electronic medical records system.…

Building Your Office Network Infrastructure


It doesn’t matter if your practice is just a single doctor at one location, or numerous physicians across multiple satellite offices.…

Change Management: Preparing Staff Members for EMR

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In order to implement important changes at your practice, you must gain buy-in from the staff.…

How to Choose EMR Software for Your Medical Practice

Ask any doctor,  what is the first thing you should buy for an EMR implementation and the response will be, “The EMR Software, of course.”