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Featured Article - Medical Practice Trends

Tools for Managing Your Practice’s Reputation

Word cloud for Reputation management

Word cloud for Reputation managementSocial media is fast becoming a fact of modern life. More and more searches are performed on Facebook, Google maps are used instead of the phone book, and prospective customers look at social media review sites before they decide to patronize a business.…

IT Services for Your Medical Practice – In-House vs Out-Source

IT in box

IT in boxPreviously I wrote about how information technology (IT) personnel are an increasingly important part of medical practices as EMR becomes a fact of life, as well as the challenges that administrators face in recruiting and hiring these individuals.…

The 10 Most Common EMR Questions

Top 10

As a writer of both this blog and the long-running “Path to Paperless” column in Ophthalmology Management (where this article originally ran), I often receive emails on a wide range of questions regarding EMR.…

Does EMR Come Between You and Your Patient?

doctor patient relationship

A recent article in the Journal of the AMA (June 20,2012) has rekindled the debate about whether the use of electronic medical records (EMR) interferes with the doctor-patient relationship.…

Is Your EMR Project Being Hijacked?

hijack computer

EMR projects get ‘hijacked’ every day.  Some get hijacked by vendors, some get hijacked by consultants and, yes, some even get hijacked by the very doctors who invested in the project in the first place – an investment that was supposed to help them treat their patients, run their offices and collect their money.…

Why You Need to Worry About Computer Security

laptop hacker

Along with the widespread use of computers in medicine comes a greater need for security measures.…

IT Services for Your Practice – In-House or Outsource?

IT support

Previously I wrote about outsourcing your IT services support as well as how to hire an IT director.…

Deciding to Go Paperless

full of joy

take-plunge.jpgMost medical offices today are using an electronic practice management (EPM) system.…

Need to Know: 5 Women in Health IT

Women in Health IT

Guest Post, Katie Matlack


Women in Health IT

You want irony? Try this: the Kaiser Family Foundation reports that we women are the ones make the health care choices for the kids in 8 out of 10 families.…

EMR – Is It Worth It?

Broken piggybank

If you comb through the blogosphere on the topic of electronic medical records, you may find a surprising amount of negative commentary.…