Why You Need to Worry About Computer Security

laptop hacker

Along with the widespread use of computers in medicine comes a greater need for security measures.…

IT Services for Your Practice – In-House or Outsource?

IT support

Previously I wrote about outsourcing your IT services support as well as how to hire an IT director.…

Deciding to Go Paperless

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take-plunge.jpgMost medical offices today are using an electronic practice management (EPM) system.…

Need to Know: 5 Women in Health IT

Women in Health IT

Guest Post, Katie Matlack


Women in Health IT

You want irony? Try this: the Kaiser Family Foundation reports that we women are the ones make the health care choices for the kids in 8 out of 10 families.…

EMR – Is It Worth It?

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If you comb through the blogosphere on the topic of electronic medical records, you may find a surprising amount of negative commentary.…

How to Succeed with Electronic Medical Records:8 Tips from Real Users

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Guest Post: Katie Matlack

As I settle in to my role as Medical Software Analyst at Software Advice, I’ve begun to wonder: What separates those who realize the benefits of an EMR from those who don’t?…

Debunking The 7 Myths of Concierge Medicine

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Guest Post, John T. Kihm MD

Myths abound concerning concierge medicine (CM).…

The Ten Commandments of Successful EMR Implementation

ten commandments of emr implementation

ten commandments of emr implementationMost practices breathe a sigh of relief after their new EMR software is installed and running.…

Improving Practice Efficiency With Convenience Applications

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Computerized practice management systems appeared about thirty years ago. Their major selling point?…

How to Attest for Meaningful Use: 3 Tips from a Meaningful User

meaningful use

Guest Post: Houston Neal
meaningful use


According to an August 3 report, 2,246 eligible providers and 100 hospitals have successfully attested to meeting Meaningful Use (MU) criteria.…