Advice From Early EHR Adopters

EHR Early Adopters



Our practice went live with our own EMR system in late 2008.…

Increased Documentation Requirements and ICD-10: What You Need To Know

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Sebastian Mitchell, Guest post:

There are many daily chores to being a good physician.…

Outsourcing Your Practice Call Center – Five Tips to Make It Successful

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Gere Jordan, Guest Post


Managed properly, outsourcing a portion of your calls to a professional call center can be an extremely effective and worthwhile business decision.…

Could Your Practice Handle a Catastrophe?

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disaster recovery



Have you stopped and considered what would happen if a natural disaster such as a massive tornado or flood wiped out your office?…

EMR and the Generation Gap

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What is the quickest way to figure out how to use a new electronic device?…

How to Qualify for Meaningful Use Incentives – Part 2

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In part 1, we discussed some of the nuances of registering for Meaningful Use (MU) reporting and why most practices would be better off waiting until 2012 – such as still being able to qualify for E-Prescribing incentives.…

How to Qualify for Meaningful Use Incentives – Part 1

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Like many things in life, you can either choose to do something or wait until something happens to you.…